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Ideate Intelligence

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"Per searches"


NOAA , a conclusion of your weather models are somewhat defunct and or seriously deficient with all due respect; wherein after reviewing some of your weather modeling notes on the generation of graphical conclusions presented, it has not been found the following elements within your models. The element of earths mantel temperatures, e,g. Greenland surface heat and the associated melting from underside can add more confluence in resulting atmospheric graphs. Earths atmospheric conditions are not deteriorating, they are simply being influenced by factored elements never really considered, at least as I can determine that is.

Most of the basic mathematical formulas currently in use, came from the academic arena, including current minds struggling with university socialistic mentality and others that devoted there lives toward a higher landscape; wherein now is the time to push oneself off the stool and look towards those that reason way outside the realm of current perception. 

There are many a person out there, waiting for a calling opening this door for all academic centers, no matter the level. It is further thought the undertow of information being restricted from one or more search entities wanting to control most if not all aspects of information, at this point in time, societies social order is reduced to merely a house built on sand. From within this sphere brings control and I think that I’m not the only human that considers this specific characterization is in absolute comparison of the truth. 

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'life thrives outside the box'™, e.g. the boob-tube box that is.

Xgenasys™ - X™   

The next Cognitive Evolution
 Intelligent Traffic Systems


ITTS - International Transit Telematic System

a Navigational Telematic System™


ITTS has three profound objectives
an one minor: 
our (planets) Environment    
 Safety,  and most importantly 

Open Source Registered Platform (OSRP)
for all nations.

Setting a standard world wide, so no matter
where you drive 
'Intuitive Transit Telematics' 
is understood by everyone.


ITTS is built around Channeled Telematics 
from communication 
devices equipped with
 iChipset™ & iChipsetx


Forward progression with ‘Intelligent Traffic Systems’

Intuitive ITS commands real-time data signals encapsulated from mobile or static devices, collecting physical events indicating  positional locations for each vehicle in relationship to others with-in the Domains Networked Infrastructure. Thereby providing stern evidence that pushes Quantum Mathematical Boundaries  displacing momentum and positional points calculated at the same time from multiple XY co-ordinates (Long/Lat) laced together with spacial third dimension Z - Topography and Climatic Expectations commixed with human response amalgamated within the network architectonics, intensifying traffic throughput. 

Xgenasys yields these attributes harnessing relative Quantum Vector Nodes from each vehicle locational movement, creating an  Optimized Overlay Model generated by Dynamic Computational Algorithmic Architecture  illuminating any change caused by perturbations which are then used to determine the current Logical Conceptual Design based on networks Computational Traffic Flow Dynamics  by means of Quantifying Traffic Flow Dynamics merged with Vehicular Traffic Variables using Algorithmic Variations, creating CybrIntelligence where human knowledge is merged with machine language.

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Transparent Informational Knowledge
™ or what? 

Oh ok, now you can find with QUOTEs around the name..
(Manipulations at its best) }

a Quantum Telematic(s) Network

Posted December 2, 2014


Are you seeing reality or are we chasing it, that reality
maybe distorted as it is; 
and gets better when the
connection with God - is agreed too.

Knowledge, the outer edge of reality

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Do young inventors really exist,
are they able to co-exist; we are fixing to find...out!


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